My Stick’s RPG’s Health and Fitness Tips

Top 5 Health Tips

The work-based lifestyle that we adopt in modern day society makes it difficult for us to achieve physical fitness. This lifestyle has given rise to an overwhelmingly high number of physically unfit people. For example, over two billion people suffer from obesity in contemporary society, which means the number of people suffering from obesity globally exceeds the total number of people living in India. You, on the other hand, should not go down this route. Following a few healthy tips can help you achieve physical fitness like never before. Here are 5 health tips on physical fitness.

Adopt a Physically Active Lifestyle

A passive lifestyle leads to obesity and other health related issues simply because your body does not burn calories. Instead, your body stores these calories as fat increasing your stock of fat deposits. A physically active lifestyle would burn any calories you consume and it would help you burn existing body fat. This lifestyle would result in a leaner body filled with muscle instead of body fat. Being physically active can be simple, easy and cost effective. For example, you can walk to work instead of boarding a bus. You can also take up physically active hobbies such as belly dancing, yoga or swimming.

Watch What You Eat

The type of food you eat determines how healthy your body will be. For instance, foods filled with fats and oils only add fat to your current stock of body fat. These foods can cause an increase in your blood cholesterol level, which would increase your chances of developing heart complications. Avoid such foods at all costs. Focus on eating foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, complex carbohydrates and essential minerals. These foods include leafy vegetables, fruits and fish among others. You should also eat foods rich in fiber e.g. cauliflower, berries, beans and celery because fiber increases the efficiency of your digestive tract.

Drink Enough Water

Water makes up sixty to fifty-five percent of our bodies and this is why water is life. We cannot do without it as our bodies depend on it for physiological functions. For example, the movement of red blood cells in our bodies would be impossible without the presence of water in our bodies. Drinking enough water allows your body to achieve efficiency when it comes to these kinds of physiological processes. In this case, the red blood cells in your body move quickly facilitating the transfer of energy throughout your body, which in turn helps you to perform your tasks rigorously and tirelessly.

Stop Using Harmful Substances

This is the most difficult tip when it comes to these 5 health tips because it involves foregoing harmful habits such as smoking and drinking. Smoking damages your lungs causing them to deteriorate rapidly and excessively. This deterioration puts an enormous strain on your respiratory system. Your heart would endure the most of this strain because it has to pump more blood to your lungs to compensate for inefficiencies caused by the deterioration of your lungs. Researchers estimate that a single pack of cigarettes can do as much damage to your body as ninety pounds of extra weight can do. Drinking, on the other hand, badly damages your liver severely limiting your body’s ability to deal with toxins, as this is one of the primary functions of the liver. Now you know these 5 health tips. Live by these tips so that you can always remain healthy.

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